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If Crookston did report a client’s product to the FDA, “we wouldn’t take any kind of action on him,” Thanedar said. The scientist entrepreneur describes Avomeen as a “problem-solving” company. Customers ask the chemical testing firm to analyze products, and the company reports its findings back to the customers, he said. Thanedar retains a minority interest in Avomeen but no longer runs it and is fighting a separate lawsuit filed by its new owners. “We worked with thousands and thousands of products,” Thanedar said. After conducting a chemical analysis, “we give a truthful answer” to any questions the customer had about a product. In one case, he said, a mother asked Avomeen to analyze medicine from a compounding pharmacy that was making her child sick. They found it was 10 times more potent than it was supposed to be, Thanedar recalled. “We reported it to her, and then she reported it to the pharmacy. But we don’t take it upon ourselves to go and sue the pharmacy, because we don’t have the resources,” he said.

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