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Fina, now a lawyer in private practice, denies violating any rule of conduct and wants the petition dismissed. Frank FinaDan Gleiter, PennLive.com/file  Curley and Schultz pleaded guilty to misdemeanor child endangerment on the eve of trial in March 2017 and testified against Spanier. Spanier was convicted of the same offense and has an appeal pending in Superior Court. Lawyers for all three men declined to comment on the lawyer discipline allegations against Fina and Baldwin. The Superior Court, in throwing out charges, said it was improper that Baldwin, a former trial judge and onetime chair of the Penn State board, testified about her conversations with Curley, Schultz and Spanier. Joe Grace, a spokesman for the attorney general's office, said it questioned Baldwin "with the knowledge and approval of the judge assigned to supervise the grand jury." "The matter was also addressed by the judge assigned to the criminal case, who rejected any claims of impropriety," he added. "The Office of Attorney General remains fully prepared to defend its successful prosecutions and convictions in this matter." The petition filed against Baldwin on Nov. 21 accuses her of violating requirements that lawyers do not disclose information about clients without their informed consent and other allegations. Baldwin had accompanied Curley, Schultz and Spanier when they appeared before the grand jury in 2011, months before child sexual abuse charges were filed against Sandusky and cover-up charges were filed against Curley and Schultz. In her answer to the petition for discipline, she said she thought they were witnesses only, not suspected of a crime, and that she represented the university. She denies violating the state's ethical rules for lawyers and has asked that the allegations be dismissed.

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